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Buried treasure is more like it!

How many times do I record things on my phone and forget about them forever? A lot! Well I unearthed a phone recording of a jam in my apartment in Brooklyn from 2012. It was Wade on Tuba, Isaak on Drums, Roy on Theremin, and a mystery person on Ukulele. I think I was cooking dinner or something. At that time Wade, Issak and myself were all living there and Roy had lived there before Wade, so it was way a house thing, go Cooper St. Bushwick! #Cooperriverbasin #Block #Vallyofthedead

Anyway what a fun discovery, just sitting in my voice memos. It was a messy fourteen minutes of audio that never quite coalesced into a real song, but all the ideas were there. Inspiration struck and I cobbled this bouncy little beauty together. Enjoy!





See comment below for links to Wade and Isaak.


This is the new track: Reach


I am working exclusively on iPad now. I have left everything as of May 1st 2014, and when the urge to create comes the iPad is what I have. I feel my hands tied on a production level. However, for pure intuitive creativity, working within the restrictions of the iPad has in a sense set me free, or at least led me to new process and therefore new out come. I am energized by it and seeing, or feeling capable of expressing things that before I didn’t think possible. It’s amazing how process affects output and finding new limitations has led me to new creativity. Not to mention I’m singing! That’s big for me, I used to be so self conscious about my voice I wouldn’t even sing to myself. Anyway here’s to new leafs and following whats in the heart.


Bedrock_2 Here is the new piece, named for the practice studio in Ecco Park where I tracked the drums.

Used my macbook pro, scarlett 2i2 and Earthworks TC20 mics.

This was all about reconnecting with the drums and working out some rhythms I was feeling inside.

Drum parts were written first and synth parts after.


I have been in LA for a year now, as of Jan 10th. I am almost completely disconnected from music right now.

My time goes to establishing myself as a chef and trying to make a living. That’s life right?

I have to create and while my work is not uncreative, something is lost because I have to do it.

Finding time to create on my own terms is another, non financial, survival.


This is a bit of a musical digression but here goes……

David Soldier Amongst many other things, documented the music of Thai Elephants, believe it or not. Look it up it’s interesting.


In 2012 this Elephant music caught the ear and imagination of my friend and then roommate Wade Wripka.


Wade became obsessed with completing an accurate transcription, and as the guy who had to listen to all this from the next room, I’ll tell you it was no small feat. After hours of the sound of metal clanging, Wade would emerge from his room and say something like “I Think this section is 15 over 7 over 9 but it only lasts for two beats” Wade alerted David to this project and David put out the challenge “Finish this by Dec and I’ll get an orchestra to play it”. So this is what happened Wade finished, David did an arrangement and this work was performed by Wade then received a recording of the performance, which he passed to me and the result of my fiddling is now here for enjoyment listening.


A friend and working NY drummer Vin Scialla came to the studio to do a jazz session some time back in 2012.

Thanks: Vin for making such great music and for letting me twist and subvert your offering into new work.

We had a great time and now over a year later I have remixed one of their tunes and here it is.

Vin, I have to admit, I don’t remember the names of your fellow musicians on this….


Drums Are Really Hot 

Math of Least Resistance, the album is available. I am pleased to present this material to you all.
I couldn’t have done so without a great band. Let me introduce them.

Chris Bacas-Tenor and soprano sax
Tina Richerson-Baritone sax
Chris Dingman-Vibraphone
Ratzo B. Harris-Bass
Tahoma Hauptman-Drums and composition

I have been working with a singer, Yvonne, recording her demo.

She is doing a latin jazz thing, however she did one cover in another style.

That one cover didn’t live up to her expectations and was discarded.

I asked if I could do something with it and she agreed.

Thanks Yvonne!


Pel Mel

My mother used to listen to Pel Mel back in the 80’s and 90’s.
I remember a black and white cassette case living in our Volvo.
I was like 10 or 11, and I don’t think I ever listened to it.

Jump to several months ago, my friend mentioned Pel Mel,
like “hey we should cover Pel Mel!” or something to that effect.

I found a song I liked and decided to remix it.

Whether we ever play any Pel Mel remains to be seen, lol.
Drift is the tittle, from Interstate.

Here is my remix, Drift On.

Rod McKuen

What a treasure, I found some more of my raw recording, with Jason Little.
Of course, I slapped some paint on it…. and here it is.

Rod McKuen

Cheers to my multi talented friend Jason Little.

I am remembering back to 08 when the studio on Maujer was an infant and I was itchy to play. My friend Jason, said something like, ” I have a song” so I invited him over for a late night of drinking whiskey in the dark and the rest was magic. I hope you enjoy this and thanks Michael Gittleman for playing bass and Chris Stewart for playing guitar.

And now I am proud to present……

Man Of the Sea

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