This is a bit of a musical digression but here goes……

David Soldier Amongst many other things, documented the music of Thai Elephants, believe it or not. Look it up it’s interesting.


In 2012 this Elephant music caught the ear and imagination of my friend and then roommate Wade Wripka.


Wade became obsessed with completing an accurate transcription, and as the guy who had to listen to all this from the next room, I’ll tell you it was no small feat. After hours of the sound of metal clanging, Wade would emerge from his room and say something like “I Think this section is 15 over 7 over 9 but it only lasts for two beats” Wade alerted David to this project and David put out the challenge “Finish this by Dec and I’ll get an orchestra to play it”. So this is what happened Wade finished, David did an arrangement and this work was performed by Wade then received a recording of the performance, which he passed to me and the result of my fiddling is now here for enjoyment listening.


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