Buried treasure is more like it!

How many times do I record things on my phone and forget about them forever? A lot! Well I unearthed a phone recording of a jam in my apartment in Brooklyn from 2012. It was Wade on Tuba, Isaak on Drums, Roy on Theremin, and a mystery person on Ukulele. I think I was cooking dinner or something. At that time Wade, Issak and myself were all living there and Roy had lived there before Wade, so it was way a house thing, go Cooper St. Bushwick! #Cooperriverbasin #Block #Vallyofthedead

Anyway what a fun discovery, just sitting in my voice memos. It was a messy fourteen minutes of audio that never quite coalesced into a real song, but all the ideas were there. Inspiration struck and I cobbled this bouncy little beauty together. Enjoy!





See comment below for links to Wade and Isaak.